About us

When I established David Racey Interiors, it was important to me to base it on three principles that every customer could relate to - professionalism, reliability and affordability.  I knew from my own personal experience that I wanted tradespeople in my home whom I could rely on, who would turn up on time and who would be tidy and trustworthy.  Most of all I wanted the work to be value for money; a combination of a good price with a high standard of work.

We’ve all come across ‘cowboys’ when it comes to people we invite into our homes to work for us.  Frankly, I would be horrified if anyone described me as such and I always strive for the highest of standards.  I like to think I have an excellent attention to detail that I apply to every job, no matter how large or small.

If you do invite me to your home to work for you, you will find me polite, professional, considerate and respectful of your house.  I want to work hard for you and for you to be completely happy with the work you have paid for.


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Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11, United Kingdom